What Can And Cannot Be Covered Under Annual Multi Trip Insurance

If you love to travel and like to go on holidays then you should always opt for travel insurance. When you get travel insurance for each of the trips then it can be very troublesome and it can cause a lot of money. So it is advised that you have an insurance policy that claims multiple trips. As the name suggests the insurance is forhelping you to cover insurance for your multiple trips. The premium of annual multi trip insurance will be e slightly higher but it will be for the long term.

You must be thinking that when you should buy annual multi trip insurance here is the answer for it. You can buy it when you have to fly very often to other countries or cities. It is useful when you have an abroad relative whom you want to visit frequently. It is also important because you can send on the trip economically without any unnecessary splurge. While choosing travel insurance you must be confused that what can be covered under the insurance. In this article, you will get to know about what is included in what is excluded under travel insurance.

annual multi trip insurance

Inclusions under the insurance policy

  • All your medical expenses will be covered under the insurance in case of any illness.
  • The insurance will provide compensation in case of a personal accident or accident shall death of the insurer.
  • It will provide cashless services for all the medical expenses that have been faced abroad.
  • It will help the coverage of medical evacuation and medical repatriation in case needed.
  • It will help for compensation in case of baggage loss or trip cancellation or trip delay.
  • In case of hijack, the insurance will also provide hijack allowance for the distress that is being faced by you.

Exclusions for the policy

  • In case of the baggage, a delay is beyond 24 hours it cannot be covered by the insurance company.
  • If you have missed your flights due to any kind of civil war riots or strikes the insurance company is not responsible for it.
  • If you face any kind of injury while you are doing high adrenaline activities then it’s not be covered.
  • If you have pre-existing diseases then treatment for it cannot be covered.
  • If you face loss due to civil protest or strike then it cannot be covered under the insurance.

These are the inclusions and exclusions of the travel insurance policies.