What Are Business Card Dimensions?

A common misconception that people very often have about the nature of business cards is that they are incredibly easy to design. While designing a card that you would give out to people at conferences and business dinners is not exactly going to be so difficult that only a rocket scientist would know how to wrap their head around it, suffice it to say that there are some elements to it that the average person would likely find to be rather challenging at this current point in time.

For example, do you have any clue about what your Black Metal Kards dimensions should be? We would hazard a guess that you don’t have this information tumbling around in your brain, and as a result of the fact that this is the case you would be nonplussed when the time come to make this choice without a shadow of a doubt. It can be a grave error to create a card that would be too big or smaller than it needs to be, and as a result of the fact that this is the case you should go for the sweet spot in terms of business card size.

This sweet spot is the 3.5×2 inch dimensions that are so prevalent amongst many if not most business cards. The main contributing factor to these dimensions becoming so popular is that it gives you a card that is solid, weighty but not overly bulky. People should be able to put the card in their wallet or pocket, and only these dimensions will make that the least bit possible. It also makes storage convenient instead of just being possible, so that’s another thing to consider.

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